Floka’s purpose

The intent of this blog is to expose people or pages that goes against the core of Asatro, the ways of our folk. Floka will not write extensively with elaborate expressions, but will be straight to the point and call out whatever she sees falsifies, belittles, waters down or twists Asatru.

There are many who claim to be Asatruer/Odinist/Heathen etc, but what is often seen is the lack of actual personal relationship with our Gods. Many have read alot of material and are ”experts”, they have lots of information at hand, or they have assumed a false image of vikings, and that everything is about rape, pillaging and getting drunk (far from the truth). All this is hailed in the name of Odin.

There is a movement of new followers much thanks to the tv series ”Vikings”. They often fall into the mentioned category of ”vikings”. Some genuinely seek more information, and wants to get to now the Gods. The web and especially Facebook is filled with what first appear to be genuine Asatru pages. For the newly initiated, it is easy to fall into the trap of any of those pages that Floka will try to bring to your attention.

Floka does this not only to protect the sincere, but her greatest goal is to protect the Gods. To her, they are her friends, her allies, and she will defend them. She doesn’t claim to be an expert, far from it, but she got knowledge that doesn’t come merely from books.

A personal relationship with the Gods is core, much is understood and learned that way. Not everything is written down, and not everything written down is correct, as some writers were not Asatruers, but wrote down what they saw. Some had ulterior motives. A personal relationship the Gods will help you see, and with time bring  wisdom. Self proclaimed experts  does not impress Floka. They often drag you into knowledge battles and completely miss the point of being true to the Gods. True Norse are often attacked this way.

Peace and Honor